Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yesterday was The Day the Kitchen Curtains were hung. They've been lying in the corner since July, waiting for C to get them up. He said that he didn't hang them because he wanted me to talk to him. I explained that it wasn't "talking" at all, but somewhere between bitching and nagging. At least now the endless "talking" will stop.

It's also been a week of continuing the Homestead Mode. The weather stays cold and snowy, so we've been a-splittin', and a-haulin' and a-stackin' skads of wood. Needless to say, we've also been a-burnin' wood at an alarming rate, so two more cords will be arriving next week. I feel obligated to bring home huge sacks of flour, salt, beans, and especially a BIG side o' bacon. Better get two slabs of the bacon.

We were hired by Magellan to do System Test on some GPS equipment. It's scheduled to begin tomorrow, and the weather couldn't be worse for being outside all day. Paula, can Zoey carry a key of Brandy yet? I think we're going to need it LOL.

Update on the felting. Success!! All but one of my projects felted properly. I've since made a couple more bowls, which I'm felting tonight. I'll post pics soon.


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