Saturday, December 8, 2007

Two cords of wood were delivered this morning. It's gonna be another a-haulin' and a-stackin' weekend. There are a lot of people selling wood up here, but I buy from Jake. He's thirteen. He buys woods rounds, then splits and sells them. His nine-year-old sister helps witht the stacking, and his grandfather drives them around to deliver the wood. I've bought a total of three cords. He says he has another 7 cords to sell this week. I have no idea how many more cords he's sold this winter, but I've got a pretty good idea that he's having a better month than I. I am so danged proud of him :-)

I uploaded some new images to my website. Plates should be here today or Monday. One is for making "To" and "From" Christmas tags. If you want something different for your packaging, you might like these. It's my token Christmas image, albeit a bit late in the season.


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