Monday, December 24, 2007

We'll had a few recent setbacks, and are struggling to get the house ready for the Family Visit in two days. The furnace quit two days ago; also, no hot water, and the three cords of wood are green and won't burn. Temp in the house is around 56 F. AND we still have to lay the carpet in the guest room for, yes, the Family Visit. So, if you really want to read a more interesting blog than this, check out and be sure to read days 14-19 of December. Her rant on the Michael's shopper is not to be missed. I wish she would move next door to me. I have lots of cheap wine (well, I do now, but I bet there's less by the end of the evening LOL), and I'm sure everything would be much funnier if she were here.
On a happy note, I have uploaded a few new images to my website.
Hope to upload a Christmas pic in the next couple of days, but just in case....wishing everyone a safe and joyful holiday season. May everything be dipped in chocolate and deep-fried.


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